Here’s the challenge – people don’t always know the difference between how you think your audience perceives you and how they (really) see you. We call that ‘THE GAP.’

The gap between perception and reality.

Effectively managing that gap begins with recognizing that reputation is a matter of perception. And this perception works in different ways – the wider the gap – the wider your perception of something is from the reality of what it actually is. This is true of every thought leader.

Your goal is to close that gap.


There are 3 ways to assess your gap.

  1. There is no gap. The perception is in alignment with the reality (who I am is who I am perceived to be),
  2. The perception is worse than the reality or
  3. The perception is better that the reality.

The gap can be really narrow – or really wide and to be in alignment – you have to live up what you promise or your reputation will decline until is more closely matches that reality. Your goal is to bridge the gap between where you are and how you are perceived and where you want to be – your true self. Evaluate yourself. What actions should be taken to bridge that gap? Is it your mindset that needs an adjustment your strategy and plan, or something else?

Work on those and stay on course.

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