A goal without a plan is only a dream – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Many times, we create a big idea, then we get stuck on the runway because we are not clear on which direction to take off.


Create a Plan: While formulating and adjusting a strategy is an ongoing requirement for standing out and taking off, it will be wasted effort without a plan that defines the steps and actions needed to accomplish your goals and to orchestrate their implementation.

Even so, many thought leaders do not spend the time required on the front end to schedule initiatives and set up milestones to analyze how their plans are evolving toward completion. While long-term strategy may be fluid and subject to such things as societal, economic and political changes, the entry of new innovations, and economic shifts can challenge your ability to adapt to change while achieving interim objectives.

Put it in writing: When you put your plan in writing, you can refer to it later and use it as a baseline from which to measure progress. If it’s not written down, you might forget steps or parts that are crucial to where you want to go.

Assign responsibility: If you’re part of a team, let every team member know what role they will play in the plan. Explain the tasks they’re expected to perform and when they’re expected to complete them (due dates). When team members have a clear picture of their tasks and when they need to complete them, when they’re motivated by a shared purpose and a common goal, the entire team can work more efficiently and effectively.

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