Discover your inner twin

Ever wished you had an identical twin? Someone that could help you see how others see you?

We live in a world that appreciates and expects individual differences in appearance and behavior. So, when we encounter two identical individuals (like Lorrie and me), this experience challenges our beliefs about the way that the world works.


Of course, identical twins are never exactly alike, and some differ in profound ways. Yet we can’t stop ourselves from comparing them and trying to find the differences that help us to tell them apart. By taking a closer look at twins, we can learn a great deal about the concept of differentiation.

By looking past what’s just intriguing, we can learn about how we perceive differences in anyone or anything.

When I look at my twin, I can experience how others view me—and actually see me from outside of myself. 


 We share twin stories in our new book Stand Out as a Thought Leader – download the executive summary here:

I’ve learned firsthand to identify and appreciate what makes us different. There are physical differences and there are inner differences—one of us is a left-brain thinker and one is a right-brain thinker. One is creative and expressive, the other is rational and linear. But it’s the pairing and integration of these different qualities that makes our brand agency, TwinEngine, what it is. It’s our distinct advantage: right brain, left brain, creative and analytic. And when the two work together as one, the whole is greater than the individual parts. From firsthand experience at refining our individuality throughout our lives, we’ve perfected the ability to perceive distinct differences in other thought leaders, other companies and other brands.

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