Run towards your fear

When confronted with fear – do you run away from it or run towards it?

Sometimes fear is a sign of the exact thing we should do.

And, instead of running away, we should be running towards it. Because in the process of moving towards that fear, we often find that we are no longer afraid. Instead, we feel energized. That’s what courage feels like. So, if standing out and being recognized as a thought leader is scary, it may just be because it’s exactly what you truly want and need to do.


Think of a time you were afraid of something (write that down).

  • Where were you?
  • Who was there?
  • Where did you feel the fear?
  • In your mind, your heart, or your entire being?
  • How did you overcome that fear?
  • And what did you learn from that experience?

Now, think of a time and a situation when you were unafraid to do something (write that down).

  • What felt different about the time you were unafraid and the time you were afraid?
  • Did you feel more courageous when you were unafraid to face a situation?
  • Or did you simply lose your fear when you committed to helping others?

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