Stand for something

When someone asks, “What do you stand for?,” what do you say?

Do you fumble for words, not quite sure what to say, or are you clear on the reason(s) why you do what you do in the world? “What you stand for” is complicated—and it’s also simple. You can’t fake what you stand for.


It’s a combination of things:

  • values and principles that guide you;
  • things you believe in;
  • what you feel in your heart to be true;
  • things that you love and are willing to make sacrifices for.
  • It’s all of these and more.

Think of it this way, what you stand for is like an inner compass. It points the way to your heart’s truest and highest desire because the things you enjoy doing most will ultimately guide you to your greatest achievements and happiness.

Stand for something and you’ll stand out.

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