Dear Thought Leader, the world needs you.

This manifesto is for all of the thought leaders we need to hear.


Dear Thought Leader, more than ever, the world needs you to stand out as a thought leader and live your purpose.

People, like you, with innovative ideas, can help meet the challenges and problems facing society and business today.

We need your imaginative thinking and more effective solutions to inspire others, promote cooperation and growth, and infuse new energy into outdated systems and processes.

The world needs thought leaders who can lead from the heart as well as the head, leaders who are human, empathetic, yet unafraid of being who they are and speaking the truth of what they know—leaders who are devoted to working and living their purpose, focused on tackling the big issues of our time, and willing to share their talents and expertise to create a better world.

Where will those leaders come from?

We believe you are already out there. Your voices and ideas are simply not being heard by a wide audience—yet.

Are you willing to take a stand and stand out?

The world needs you.

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