Is my brand the brand of my business or is it my brand as a leader?

I get asked all the time “Winnie, is my brand the brand of my business or is it my brand as a leader?”

The answer is: Both. (thank you Harvard Business Review for the focus on this opportunity for leaders)

A brand used to be considered a logo, a slogan, a particular design style or color combination, an advertisement or even a brochure. Originally, a brand was associated with a company, a business or a product.

But today, every individual is also a brand.

And the same visual elements associated with companies and products are a small part of what makes up what we recognize as an expression of a brand—even a personal brand. In today’s business environment, a brand is made up of expectations, memories, stories, recorded or streamed presentations and even relationships that, taken together, account for someone’s decision to choose to follow a person, or purchase a product or service from another. It’s an intangible asset, and possibly the most important asset you own.

Your brand is comprised of many things that define who you are, whether you’re a person or a business. These things are mostly intangible—like your purpose for being in your chosen field, your reputation, your values and beliefs, and your “distinct advantage” (the specific qualities and strengths that differentiate you from anyone else). Add to this mix the emotional impressions and experiences that your audience has when interacting with you and you’ll get a picture of what defines your brand.

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Stand out as a thought leader (and brand!) you are meant to be.

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