If you could chose one word that describes you, what would it be?

Bold? Passionate? Supportive? Innovative? Dedicated? Focused? Curious? and how would that one word help you define your unique voice as a thought leader?

You are made up of layers. To be truly authentic, you must examine each of these layers until you reach the core of your beliefs, vision and goals.

Start with the question: “Who are you, really?” This is where you find who you are and what you represent as a brand – a thought leader. When you’re making decisions as a thought leader every choice you make should reflect who you are. Your authentic self is a collection of all the things that make you and your story unique and individual—your passions, talents, inclinations, life experiences, and especially your values and beliefs.

You are a brand.

What defines it?

There should be something that sets you apart from the others. Lorrie Lee and I have been working on that ‘something’ our entire lives. It could be your character, your values. That’s the distinction your audience will remember about you, and that’s the gateway of your influence on them. Being more of who and what you are may sound like a simple idea, but the process of applying this concept to become a thought leader is more complex.

Post your one word in comments. Would others agree?

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