What‘s your #Barbie Moment?

Imagine you‘re scrolling through your social media feed…

… and you see all this buzz about the new Barbie movie. It’s not just any movie, it’s a breakthrough (for the moment), capturing everyone’s attention and becoming a huge part of the conversation. Now, think about the power your brand could have if it was part of that conversation. That‘s the magic of moment marketing.

Moment marketing is like catching a wave. You see a big one forming – like this Barbie movie – and you paddle hard to ride it. As a brand, you can design campaigns around these big moments, like this example (i picked up on #Twitter – I’m hoping that #heineken takes advantage of Ciaran‘s creative thinking. This would also make a great store display or promo t-shirt!

Moment marketing isn‘t just about being timely; it‘s also about being human and adaptable. It shows you’re not some faceless company; you‘re part of the same world as your customers, experiencing the same events and changes.

When you join in the conversations around these big moments – like the billboard does (brilliant, I might add) – you‘re showing that you understand and share your audience’s values and feelings. And that, my friend, is how you not only connect with your audience, but also inspire and earn their trust.

So, calling all thought leaders and creatives, let‘s seize the moment and ride the wave!

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