Seizing the Spotlight: Are you prepared?

A leading business publication calls you “Hi Thought Leader, we would like to interview you for our upcoming issue. How’s your schedule tomorrow”

Are you prepared? Are you clear at a moments notice on what to say? How will you nail this incredible opportunity?

Answer: Prepare today (you don’t have time but you’ll thank me if you have this ready when you get that email) And have you thought about reaching out for that interview proactively?

A few things to get started.

1. Prepare Your (YOU) and Your Company’s Story: Be prepared to share the key milestones, strategies, and values that shaped your company. Reflect on both successes and challenges. Take time before to sketch out your business journey.

2. Know the Business Magazine’s Audience: Recognize that readers of a major business magazine will likely have an interest in entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. Tailor your responses to address these interests. Go back and look at the past issues for trending topics.

3. Develop Key Messages: Identify 2-3 core themes that highlight your company’s growth and culture. Whether it’s your unique management approach or innovative product development, focus on what sets your company apart. What do you stand for?

4. Practice, Practice, Practice – with Business Context: Do some mock interviews that specifically cover business-related questions. Record yourself so you can see how you present. Smile.

5. Preparing for In-depth Questions: Business magazines often delve into intricate details. Be ready for detailed inquiries about financials, competitive landscape, future forecasting or even ‘what’s next’ for you.

Know how you stand out as a thought leader – get clear on your key message, your audience and the difference you make in the world. Easy, right?

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