Does your brand identity truly reflect you?

First impression. What’s yours?

Growing up as a twin, you get used to the surprised double-take look you get when someone realizes for the first time that you’re half of a set of twins.

First impressions stick with people.

We are all aware of the power of first impressions. That’s why the way your brand looks is a crucial aspect of presenting the most accurate visual representation of your distinct advantage.
“Identity” we call it.

It’s one of the most important fundamentals— one that we’ve been studying our entire lives.
Identity—is how can you present yourself through design in a way that honestly describes you and is a positive visual first-impression of how you wish to be known by others.

People like us trained in brand strategy love to talk about the visual aspects of branding because it’s the fundamental that’s closest to our hearts.
However, good branding blends both strategic and creative perspectives. Like yin and yang, balance is what differentiates good design. Good design makes a powerful first impression and ensures you or your organization is noticed and remembered.

No small thing, identity.

As we step into 2024, ask yourself:

Do I stand out as a brand and/or thought leader?

What strategic adjustments are necessary to ensure your business is aligned with them?

How will you take off in a brand new direction in 2024?

What course corrections do you need to make?

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