What are you afraid of?

 What are you afraid of? Meet Brig.

Lorrie Lee and I grew up in a motorcycle family.

For my dad (Brig) and brother Tommy – it was normal to just get on a bike and ride. For me, it was something that I was deeply afraid of. I grew up saying ‘i’ll never ever get on a motorcycle’ and worried every time they rode off.

A few years ago, I spent a day writing down all of the things i was afraid of and drilled down to discover the ‘why’ behind each of them. As a first step, I decided to take on the fear of motorcycles, got a book on riding and took a defensive driving course.

It completely changed my perspective and my approach to conquering fear. Driving a motorcycle can be still be dangerous and scary, but in confronting fear and building a deeper understanding of riding, I’m not afraid.

My bike is named ‘Brig’ fondly after my dad (of the same name) and the lessons I’ve learned from him (he also rebuilt this bike especially for me).

In the 23 ways to Stand Out in 2023 series, number 10 is ‘Run towards your fear’ and when confronted with fear – do you run away from it or run towards it?

Sometimes fear is a sign of the exact thing we should do.

And, instead of running away, we should be running towards it. Because in the process of moving towards that fear, we often find that we are no longer afraid. Instead, we feel energized. That’s what courage feels like. So, if standing out and being recognized as a thought leader is scary, it may just be because it’s exactly what you truly want and need to do.

Stand Out as a Thought Leader in 2023 and be the leader you are meant to be. 

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