Just (don’t) do it?

The recent partnership between Tiffany & Co. and Nike may be groundbreaking, but it represents the long-standing impact their iconic brands have made in their respective markets.


I get asked all the time ”Winnie, why do you only wear only black?” Well, that’s not quite true.

What are you afraid of?

It completely changed my perspective and my approach to conquering fear. Driving a motorcycle can be still be dangerous and scary, but in confronting fear and building a deeper understanding of riding, I’m not afraid.


Standing Out as a Thought Leader is not a one and done thing. It’s a practice. The best thought leaders in the world do the work. You can too.


Create a Plan: While formulating and adjusting a strategy is an ongoing requirement for standing out and taking off, it will be wasted effort without a plan that defines the steps and actions needed to accomplish your goals and to orchestrate their implementation.

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